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Easy Composing – avoid writer’s block with our interactive and intuitive writing framework. Our helpful reminders guide you through the writing process and fast-track your path to self-published success.

Effortless Editing – seamlessly edit your book by focusing on the entire document or just a section at a time. Save multiple versions and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your work is safe and secure – and always accessible - in the cloud.

Creative Collaboration – tap into an eager audience of passionate readers, professional editors and trusted authors. It’s collective feedback for maximum impact.


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Turn-Key Self-Publishing – after writing your printed book or eBook, enjoy instant access to the world’s largest bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books and Apple iBooks. Our distribution partners provide a vast and eager audience for your work, with virtually unlimited income opportunity from book sales.

Publishing A-to-Z – no publishing detail is overlooked. Composio provides critical ISBN and copyright assistance, plus VIP features such as your personal team of professional book editors, proofreaders and designers.


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Online Marketing - Nearly every successful writer relies upon a powerful marketing engine. Composio’s full suite of digital marketing tools, such as social media marketing, video trailers, online ads and eye-catching graphics -that you can share to your online audience - help give you maximum exposure for your new book.

Share Your Story - Extend your readership by sharing excerpts or full chapters of your book over popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Enjoy innovative and immersive writing delivered to a wider audience.

What is Composio?

Composio is the perfect solution for anyone who’s ever dreamed of writing a book. From start to finish, Composio’s user-friendly platform guides you throughout the writing and self-publishing process - transforming an intimidating project into one that is flawless, exciting and pain-free. Experience the self-publishing revolution today.

Composio fuses the art of creative writing with the science of perfect storytelling. All completely packaged in a full-service, automated platform that lets you write, publish and market your book anytime and anywhere.

The most innovative writing platform available. Designed to make self-publishing easy, accessible and shareable across any device. Turn your dreams of being a published author into reality. With Composio, you can finally author your destiny.